Data and site analytics

Having worked within the digital marketing industry I understand the pivotal role that data attribution and modelling plays in businesses' online success.

I offer three core data services:

Data capture and tag management

Establish the foundations of your data framework

In response to your business objectives and scale, I establish the components necessary to collect data from your digital properties. I ensure that all pages, site functions and user events are targeted in your site’s code, ready to be collected and integrated within your chosen analytics programme.

This is the first essential step in any data strategy. Getting it right is vital because any later insights derived from reporting are only meaningful if the data is both accurate and exhaustive.

Client-directed reporting frameworks

Build a dashboard that integrates your data stream and key metrics into a single interface allowing you to derive actionable insights

Once data collection has commenced, you need to be able to access it intelligibly so as to start deriving actionable insights.

Typically, small to medium enterprise clients opt for the Google Analytics (GA) platform. As the industry standard, GA is robust and powerful but can often be overwhelming to the uninitiated. In these cases it is often more useful and practicable to work with a dashboard that extracts and condenses the important metrics in a digestible format.

This service line provides just that. Once I understand which metrics and goals are most relevant to your business I will build an analytics dashboard - as advanced or basic as you need it to be - that reflects these priorities and allows you to slice and dice your data by multiple parameters and time dimensions.

Business intelligence dashboards excel at integrating diverse data sets so it is possible to integrate advertising data, social media engagement and other revenue streams alongside organic metrics.

This service is 'client-directed' because it hands you the reigns and once established provides you with all you need to monitor your businesses' digital growth, first hand.

Ongoing specialist reporting

Receive regular analysis on key metrics with an affordable reporting retainer

Dashboards are a powerful tool but require that clients take the lead in deriving actionable insights. Given competing priorities this may prove impractical for busy companies so I also provide reporting services on a retainer basis.

I offer weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting specifically built around your organisations needs, goals, and marketing channels. This service is highly bespoke and dependent on your unique needs so is best discussed in person once I have had the opportunity to familiarise with your business.