My services encompass web development, search engine optimisation and site analytics.

I use the agile methodology and a stack-based project mananagement system to provide clients with swift and effective solutions.


Purposefully modular.

Each service I offer can be administered standalone or combined with other services to build a larger scheme of work, which I call a stack.

Once I understand your organisation's digital objectives, I diagnose the most critical issues impacting your domain's performance and engagement, then create a stack that remedies the most pressing problems.

A stack of three rectangles.
A gantt graph illustrating tasks and the time taken.

Agile workflow for maximal returns.

I categorise each stack's solutions by:

prioritywhich solutions are most critical to the improvement of your site?
timehow long will they take to implement?
impactwhich fixes will yield the best outcomes?

Each stack is built on a transparent foundation that prioritises determinate results, sidestepping production bloat and time-costly revisions.

The agile method helps clients to understand the development process and provides a framework within which to judge competing options and priorities.

Threefold solutions.

As a developer, SEO technician and data engineer, I wear a lot of hats! You can combine services across my areas of expertise into a single package that would otherwise require expensive agency retainers or several freelancers.

Most SEOs are not developers and data specialists. Most developers are not well versed in SEO. In contrast, I am able to diagnose technical problems and implement their solution.

Even if your solution sits squarely within a single service line, my integrated skillset means:

  • development work will always embody SEO best practices
  • SEO consultancy includes careful consideration of the most effective development methods
  • every service has tracking and analytics at the forefront, promoting accountability and empowering you to chart subsequent performance and growth
A celtic triquetra knot with the words 'dev', 'SEO' and 'data' within each apex.
Two stick people sharing a high-five.

Accountability for shared success.

The benefits of working with a consultant ought to be quantifiable. Therefore I always establish SMARTT targets at the outset which can be tracked within your analytics platform(s), either in the form of organic goals or subsequent traffic and uptake.

If the data doesn't show the benefits of my approach, I'm obligated to offer further assistance and support.

On top of this I provide 15 hours of baseline support for every stack. This isn’t time-limited: it can be used right after the completion of work or much later down the line.

If your needs are greater this, additional support can be factored-in or you can opt for a retainer which includes comprehensive and ongoing technical support and analysis as standard.