I am skilled in a range of web languages, frontend frameworks and content management systems.

My development stack

A vertical bar chart showing the number of hours I have spent using the following languages and frameworks.

The graph above summarises the main technologies I use across my client retainers, freelance work, and side projects.

Entries below the origin denote languages that I am currently studying and integrating into my workflow.

Frameworks and content management systems

A doughnut chart showing the number of hours I have spent using various content management systems:


I am a qualified Shopify partner and work as a remote developer on several Shopify sites.

I am fluent in Shopify's templating language, Liquid, and have built many custom features and components for clients within this framework.

WordPress & Drupal

Whilst I specialise in frontend development I am also skilled in PHP and SQL database management and offer support for content management systems built using PHP such as WordPress and Drupal. I have built and optimised both WordPress and Drupal sites.

Technical SEO

In addition to working as a developer I have worked agency-side as a tecnical SEO consultant for organisations including Dropbox, the Financial Times and the BBC World Service.

I factor search engine optimisation into all development work particularly when conducting technical optimisation on pre-existing sites.


Before becoming a developer I worked as a primary school teacher and digital resources facilitator in schools and colleges across south London.

In my industry, developing and consolidating new skills is a constant requirement. I love to learn and share my skills with others through blog posts, technical forums like Stack Overflow and public talks.