The logic of Liquid - an introduction to Jekyll's templating language
20 Jan 2019 · Liquid, Jekyll

The Liquid templating language was originally designed to power Shopify but is also used by Jekyll. Here I summarise the structure and logical functions embodied in Liquid that enable you...

An easy way to import SVGs into Drupal
01 Nov 2018 · Drupal

What's not to love about SVGs? They're lightweight, fast and inherently responsive. Unfortunately SVG support does not come as standard with Drupal 8. In this post I outline a quick...

How to remove dormant files when reinstalling a module in Drupal 8
15 Oct 2018 · Drupal

Undetected residual module files can prevent the fresh installation of faulty modules in Drupal. In this post I outline two methods for overcoming the problem.

How to create and extract tar.gz files via the command line
01 Oct 2018 · Drupal, command line interface

Compressed tar files are a mainstay of Drupal development. They enable you to easily compresss and share complex file directories via a single file; ideal for downloading and uploading modular...